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Santa Inoue (Japanese; b. 1968 in Paris, France)

Parisian-born Japanese artist Santa Inoue[a.k.a. “King of Street Comics”] made his debut as a comic book author in 1989, when he won the Young Sunday Newcomer Prize (organized by the preeminent publishing house Shogakukan) for his piece “Murder”.

His penchant for, and fascination with, urban life is perhaps best depicted through the grand landscape of his hometown in his largely popular graphic novel “Tokyo Tribe”. It has gained a cult following since its original release in 1993, and has been re-issued multiple times from various publishers. Its sequel “Tokyo Tribe2” was serialized in men’s style magazine Boon, and has been translated and released in the U.S., France and several other countries (as “Tokyo Tribes”).
In 2006 “Tokyo Tribe2” was also made into an animation film and broadcast on the Japanese cable TV station Wowow. Prior to that, in the previous year, another of his serial works “The Neighbor No. Thirteen” (1994) was made into a feature film. And in 2014, “Tokyo Tribe2” was also made into a film directed by Sion Sono and had a successful theatrical run in Japan and other countries.

Currently Santa has a on-going serial: “Tokyo Tribe Waru” in monthly manga magazine “Bessatu Young Champion”.

In addition to his comic book work, Inoue is often commissioned to produce original artwork for advertisements and music album covers. Known as a dedicated black music aficionado himself, Inoue has directed three music compilations inspired by the “Tokyo Tribe” series.
Santa also has an original clothing line Santastic! Wear and a toy brand Santastic! Gangu, both of which are available at onlinestore.